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Carbon consciousness for your fleets.

Leading the charge for a more sustainable logistics industry with our machine learning-powered carbon tracking solutions.

Using Greener Wheels

Our key partners

Through a collaborative effort between local authorities, universities, industries and companies, we are on a mission to transform Penang and other cities into low carbon cities.

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Why use Greener Wheels

Plug and play solution

With APAD mandates, most existing GPS devices work well with our system and you get a complete and accurate carbon footprint analysis with no expensive overhead charges.

Decarbonising with certainty

Our state-of-the-art simulation answers your what-if 's and enables you to make informed decisions with real data in the industry.

Competitive advantage

Overview and ratings of participating companies will be indexed and published in public reports that will boost corporate reputation and attract green investments.

Ready to take part in the net zero carbon movement?

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